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Talfalah Primary is the oldest Muslim primary school in South. Learners from the areas of Sherwood Park, Manenberg, Philippi, Nyanga and surrounding areas. Talfalah Primary operated as a Madrassa school since 1912, it was in 1916 that the Madrassa was converted into a secular school. Mr Moosa Behardien was appointed as the school’s first principal with a small staff of 3 teachers from its humble premises in Draper Street, Claremont.

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  • In 2012 Talfalah Primary was featured in a Youtube presentation by a UK Based School who travelled South Africa to aid and understand Schools in South Africa from previously disadvantaged areas.

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    Library Day

    An exciting Library day spent in the sun
    On the 2nd November 2017 Talfalah Primary School celebrated their annual Library day. The aim and objective of this initiative is to restore the importance of reading.
    Students rushed this specific morning to school all dressed in book characters, painted faces and wonderful costumes to participate in the events for the day. Talfalah hosted a programme in which learners sang the school songs, read poems, entertained the school with acts and danced to some fun music.
    The most interesting and fun part of the day was that everyone participated, both teachers and learners dressed for the day. This initiative made learners once again aware of the infinite possibilities of reading and how your imagination can just flow.
    Reading is by far the most important aspect in learning as it educates, empowers and create imagination. Nelson Mandela once said “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”.
    Article by - Aaliyah Vermeulen 5 - Schools Media Team

    Leadership Camp

    Leadership Camp 2017- Goudini Spa
    My name is Asisphe Rasmeni and I attended Talfalah Primary school. I am in grade 6A, in Mrs. Z Crombies class.
    I got a chance to become a prefect alongside with, Zaida Brown and Skakira Aghulahs. We went on a leadership camp on the 3rd November 2017 to Goudini Spa. It was a one hour drive. When we got there we saw a mountains range, almost everything was green.
    Ms Potgieter gave us an activity. It was about us writing our positive and negative attributes. It was a nice activity because we had to write down our wrongs and rectify them. The next morning we had to wake up early to go hiking, it was quite tiring. When we came back we ate breakfast and went to swim.
    We learnt about our duties and discipline. On Sunday when we went hiking Mr Karriem, our principal taught us many things. For example the “Brandvlei Dam” and that there was a prison next to it. Goudini Spa is a nice place to be. We had a great experience
    On Sunday at three o’clock we had to pack our bags and got ready to go home.
    Article by - Asisphe Rasmeni - Schools Media Team

    Heritage Day

    Talfalah celebrating their roots (Heritage day)
    Heritage is something passed from one generation to the next. As heritage day is celebrated the 24th September annually, it is a day in which we honour our culture and uphold the beliefs of our forefathers.
    Heritage day this year at Talfalah Primary school: Learners went “all out” in dressing up to represent their heritage. Many students dressed in African Traditional clothing which is called “umbuco”. It entails a burst of colouring clothing, painted faces (which calamine lotion is used for) and beautiful head pieces. Heritage day this year was by far the most exhilarating experience at school as teachers, supporting staff and learners dressed for the occasion. We look forward to the following years celebrating the heritage of our past and that which shapes us as human beings.
    Article by - Okuhle Mayishe 5D - Schools Media Team

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