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Where there is smoke, there is a fire

Where there is smoke, there is a fire.
It has been a tough weekend for two of our learners families as ablaze burnt down their homes. This ordeal affected the families negatively as they now were displaced and lost contents in their homes. As a school we have extended a hand and hosted a drive to help the affected families. Many non-perishable foods and clothing have been collected in this drive to assist these affected families.
We would like to thank each and everyone who contributed as no act of kindness goes unnoticed.
Article by - Schools Media Team

Breakfast - the most important meal of the day

Breakfast - the most important meal of the day
Statistics shows that many people tend to skip breakfast as a meal, it however is classified as the most important meal of the day.
Iwisa recently visited the school in which they promoted the importance of healthy eating, especially breakfast. The idea behind this campaign was for learners to become aware of what they are consuming and that an important healthy breakfast is necessary. Iwisa maize meal contains all the necessary contents for brain power, strength, energy and proteins.
Many of our learners comes from a low socio economic background in which they eat that which is available for consumption: may it be healthy or unhealthy.
We cannot thank the Cape Peninsula feeding scheme and our wonderful cooks for delivering maize meal daily as a breakfast meal, a cooked meal for lunch as well as a fruit.
Article by - Schools Media Team

Stoke On Trent College

Stoke On Trent College
We were once again blessed to have Stoke On Trent college grace us with their presence. Stoke On Trent college visits the school annually to help with the upliftment of learning and teaching at the school.
This initiative has been ongoing for the past years in which Calvin the mentor of this exchange programme brings English visitors to engage with our South African pupils and learn within this process.
We would like to thank them once again for generously donating sports equipment and hosting a fun filled arts and crafts programme with our grade 3 pupils and sporting codes with our grade 4 learners.
We look forward to the forth coming years in building this relationship from strength to strength.
Article by - Schools Media Team

World read aloud day 2020

World read aloud day 2020
What an exhilarating feeling it is witnessing the excitement around reading.
Read aloud day enhances learners creativity and imaginative skills. I has been nothing but enthusiasm as this auspicious day was celebrated on the 5th February 2020.
Learners take full advantage in attentively listening to storytelling and engaging with the texts on all levels. This excitement was a build up as learners were able to get their creative juices flowing by sketching the events of the story, rein acting and providing summarised versions of the story of the day.
World read aloud day is a corner stone in allowing children to be part of a reading community and creating a vibrant and positive attitude towards the enjoyment of reading as a whole.
Article by - Schools Media Team

A refreshing start into the academic year 2020

A refreshing start into the academic year 2020
It has been nothing but excitement as the academic school year commenced. Learner’s teachers and all parties involved are happy to be back.
It brings us great pleasure in welcoming a few new faces to our Talfalah family.
We wish everyone a lovely year ahead.

Article by - Schools Media Team

Grade 5 Excursion

The grade 5’s excursion to the Iziko museum and Planetarium
Thursday the 31st October the grade 5 learners went on an excursion to the Planetarium to learn about outer space. We also had the privilege to visit the Iziko museum, it was such an incredible experience.
At the museum we were able to get up close and personal with animals learning about their anatomy, their lifestyle and even the way in which they evolved over the years. The Planetarium however offered us the opportunity to explore the outer space: The milky way, planets and even how seasonal change happens. It was an experience of a life time as we sat back and went off into the atmosphere.
After the insanely crazy experience which made me a bit dizzy we settled in Cape Town gardens to enjoy our lunch before departing back to school.
Article by - Ammaarah Arendse / Schools Media Team

Breast Cancer Awareness

Annually in October, all the major breast cancer charities campaign, to increase the awareness of breast cancer. October is known as Breast Cancer Awareness Month.
They raise funds to help with research into what is the cause, how to prevent it and to help find a cure for breast cancer. They also help with the treatment of breast cancer. The campaign is also to give information and to support those that have breast cancer and their families.
On the 1st of November Talfalah Primary wore pink in support of breast cancer. It was such an experience seeing that our learners put in so much effort in wearing pink, as people are suffering with breast cancer worldwide.
The idea of this was to educate and show our support for this cause.
Article by - Logan Jacobs and Ammaarah Arendse / Schools Media Team

Tour 2019

Tour 2019
What an amazing experience it had been touring with our grade 7 learners along the garden route. 44 grade 7 learners had said their goodbyes to family and friends to explore the garden route with 10 educators.
It has been nothing short of incredible as learners enjoyed the warm waters at Goudini Spa, we hiked up to the Goudini sign where we got to experience the height above sea level.
We slept through the lengthy road trip towards Oudtshoorn, visited the Cango caves, resided at Kleinplaas resort, embarked on enriching and expanding our knowledge about Ostriches at the CP Nel museum. At Wilgewandel we participated in an exciting obstacle course. this was so electrifying to end our visit we zip lined it was so much fun, definitely a day I will never forget.
We continued to Plettenberg bay where we had various competitions playing soccer, tennis and even a dance off.
We went to the Knysna forest where we visited our primate family at Monkeyland and the last day we had a modeling competition. It was very exciting to create an outfit using only recycling material.
We then enjoyed the relaxing atmosphere in Plettenberg Bay at Forever resort.
This trip is a once in a life time opportunity to many of us, which allowed us to experience life outside our usual habitat.
A big thank you to the teachers and parents as well as the department of education for the opportunity. A big thank you to Mr Faheem Moerat of Moerats Deluxe bus services for a safe trip to and from the journey, the class of 1982 for generously donating necessary goods to make this trip happen.
As they say in Aladdin " What a Magic carpet ride".
Article by - Schools Media Team

We Say No To Gender Violence

What is gender violence?
Gender based violence (GBV) is violence that is directed at an individual based on his or her biological sex OR gender identity. It includes physical, sexual, verbal, emotional, and physical abuse, threats, coercion and economic or educational deprivation, whether occurring in public or private life.
Gender violence had become a problem in South Africa because of endless violence against women and children. More than 600 000 South Africans have added their voice to various petitions and many are planning to attend marches to put an end to violence against women and children.
The marches were organised to make people aware of gender violence. Many Cape Townians marched in the CBD to Parliament so that the government can put a stop to gender violence against women. Cyril Ramaphosa addressed the people in which he is enforcing more harsh laws against perpetrators of rape and any violence against females.
Many children at our school feels that violence against woman should come to an end. A grade 5 boy Abdud Dayaan Khan says that violence should come to an end as he believes safety of the human race is a major concern. Statistics has shown that there have been an excessive incline and violence in Cape Town over the past few months.
We hope that women and children can live a free and protected life so that future generation can reap the benefits of our fight against gender violence.
Article by - Ammaarah Arendse Schools Media Team

Our Very Own Author

It gives us great pleasure to announce Talfalah’s very own author: Emihle Mbiyo. She has been chosen as one of the top 20 author’s in the Growsmart competition with the story title "Messages from the Ocean". This competition allows learners to get their creative writing juices flowing.
Growsmart aims to enhance learner’s strengths and capabilities. They are able to challenge themselves by competing with leaners across the Cape. Emihle says that this has been an amazing experience as she was able to write to her hearts content.
These stories whom made the top 20 gets published and these learners are classified as young authors. Their short stories are accessible in the Growsmart 2019 book. Well done Emihle you are outstanding.
Article by - Schools Media Team

Walking on Cloud 9

The Hope foundation is an organisation that raises funds for children who needs school shoes in Manenberg. On Monday 19 August an organisation called Hope foundation donated a large amount of school shoes to our learners.
This initiative started with an ex gangster who wanted to make a difference and help the children in this underprivileged community. Learners whom we identified were the children with broken shoes and who comes from indigent backgrounds. The idea of this initiative is to work closely with the Hope foundation so that learners are able to receive shoes annually. Many of our learners are in dire need of basic necessities and this is a way to give back to our community.
We would like to thank the hope foundation for their support as it is such a blessing and honourable act of kindness. It really put broad and shiny smiles on the learner’s faces.
Article by - Ammaarah Arendse Grade 5 Schools Media Team

Proud Marching Band Achievements

Once again Talfalah had participated in a local tournament against Manenberg schools only to achieve nothing but the best results. Under the wing of Mrs L Hendricks, the school managed to receive trophies in the following categories: 3rd prize for best dress, 3rd prize for exhibition, 3rd prize for best drum major and 2nd prize for grand march pass. They then won the overall 3rd place position.
It is for tournaments like these that learners tend to excel and give their utmost in preparing and yearning to win. They take so much pride in their school and performances as they religiously up for practice. It has been a tough week for both the band and the parties involved to have the team at its best.
We wish them everything of the best for future tournaments and bringing back some more trophies, well done.
Article by - Schools Media Team

Lending a Generous Hand

We would like to thank Islamic relief for generously painting our Grade 1 classes at the start of this term. What a kind and wonderful venture this has been: seeing our grade 1 learners of Talfalah Primary school walking with smiles as they entered their new vibrant classrooms.
Islamic Relief, a non-profit organisation has sent students from the United Kingdom to liberally help in under privileged schools, thus Talfalah had been chosen to undertake in this endeavour.
We cannot thank Islamic Relief enough for helping us achieve one of our goals to have a print rich and a positive learning environment for our learners. Shukran, Thank you and Enkosi.
Article by - Schools Media Team

A Warm Hearted Winter

It has been a bitter cold winter for many families as the weather brought strong winds, hail, sleet and rain. We are utterly grateful for the many families that had received blankets this winter for some extra warmth from African Muslim Agency (AMA) and Metro Central Educational District (M.C.E.D).
It has come to our attention that many learners at our school had been suffering this winter. Homes had been washed away, terrible leaking had families displaced and sometimes no food to eat, these were a few issues we faced this term. But with the help of AFA and MCED we managed to reach out to numerous families providing some sort of aid in their time of difficulty.
With great humbleness we thank AMA and MCED for their liberal and heart-warming donation.
Article by - Schools Media Team

Library Day

An exciting Library day spent in the sun
On the 2nd November 2017 Talfalah Primary School celebrated their annual Library day. The aim and objective of this initiative is to restore the importance of reading.
Students rushed this specific morning to school all dressed in book characters, painted faces and wonderful costumes to participate in the events for the day. Talfalah hosted a programme in which learners sang the school songs, read poems, entertained the school with acts and danced to some fun music.
The most interesting and fun part of the day was that everyone participated, both teachers and learners dressed for the day. This initiative made learners once again aware of the infinite possibilities of reading and how your imagination can just flow.
Reading is by far the most important aspect in learning as it educates, empowers and create imagination. Nelson Mandela once said “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”.
Article by - Aaliyah Vermeulen 5 - Schools Media Team

Leadership Camp

Leadership Camp 2017- Goudini Spa
My name is Asisphe Rasmeni and I attended Talfalah Primary school. I am in grade 6A, in Mrs. Z Crombies class.
I got a chance to become a prefect alongside with, Zaida Brown and Skakira Aghulahs. We went on a leadership camp on the 3rd November 2017 to Goudini Spa. It was a one hour drive. When we got there we saw a mountains range, almost everything was green.
Ms Potgieter gave us an activity. It was about us writing our positive and negative attributes. It was a nice activity because we had to write down our wrongs and rectify them. The next morning we had to wake up early to go hiking, it was quite tiring. When we came back we ate breakfast and went to swim.
We learnt about our duties and discipline. On Sunday when we went hiking Mr Karriem, our principal taught us many things. For example the “Brandvlei Dam” and that there was a prison next to it. Goudini Spa is a nice place to be. We had a great experience
On Sunday at three o’clock we had to pack our bags and got ready to go home.
Article by - Asisphe Rasmeni - Schools Media Team

Heritage Day

Talfalah celebrating their roots (Heritage day)
Heritage is something passed from one generation to the next. As heritage day is celebrated the 24th September annually, it is a day in which we honour our culture and uphold the beliefs of our forefathers.
Heritage day this year at Talfalah Primary school: Learners went “all out” in dressing up to represent their heritage. Many students dressed in African Traditional clothing which is called “umbuco”. It entails a burst of colouring clothing, painted faces (which calamine lotion is used for) and beautiful head pieces. Heritage day this year was by far the most exhilarating experience at school as teachers, supporting staff and learners dressed for the occasion. We look forward to the following years celebrating the heritage of our past and that which shapes us as human beings.
Article by - Okuhle Mayishe 5D - Schools Media Team


Fitra Parcels Issued
Fitra parcels were issued to the needy Muslim families. We received a donation to supply these families with food to celebrate Eid. Every year educators and outsiders donate their Fitrah to the school whereby groceries are purchased. Educators have the honour of packing two parcels per household which is distributed to indigent families of learners at our school. These parcels were received with such joy and it made the donors and teachers proud to be part of this initiative.
Article by - Schools Media Team

Cape Point

What a life-long experience Cape Point was
I must say just thinking about going to Cape Point was exciting. In class I thought about what I’d see on this wonderful journey.
When we arrived at Cape Point I was horrified at the baboons as one grabbed my classmates chips. This deterred me from wanting to experience Cape Point completely but I remained calm. When we reached the top of the hill after a long strenuous staircase we witnessed the glorious breath taking view of the two oceans meeting. This stripped my fear as I saw the beauty of nature and what this day is going to be all about. We continued our hike and finally reached the lighthouse. The view from the top was magnificent as I have never seen anything like it before.
At Cape Point we saw animals roaming free such as: baboons, springboks, kudus, vertebras and little insects. The highlight of the day was that we went on something called a funicular. It is a little cable car that takes you from one point to the other. As the funicular moved the baboons jumped onto it, it was scariest but the most fun experience ever.
After a long walk back we had lunch which was delicious and consisted of hotdogs and a cooldrink. Thereafter we got back into the bus, gathered all our belongings and left Cape Point.
Article by - Joshua Caleb Du Preez 5B - Schools Media Team

Astro Quiz 2017

As most of you might not know, our school participates in a quiz about the stars, also known as the Astro quiz. Being chosen was absolutely breath taking. Miss L Hendricks had led a team that consist of learners which were Aafia, Azraa, Sikelelwa and Yasseen.
Round one took place at school but, before round one took place, our astro quiz team not only learnt interesting facts about planets and astronomers, but they also enjoyed their experience. Round two also took place at school. Both were done on a computer in the computer lab. The pressure was on but they only started to panic and lose their heads at round three. It was done at the South African ASTRONOMICAL Observatory. Refreshments were served and for the learners there were goodie bags. Inside the room, was a remote at each table. Each team had to sit at one table and when the question appeared on the screen, they would use their remote to select their answer. The teams in the top twenty would remain whereas the others did not go through to the next round.
In the refreshment hall, there was this thing where you would go in and try to find the way out, but it was difficult because of the mirrors on the inside. Even though Talfalah’s team did not make it to the fourth round, they had fun and enjoyed themselves and at the end of the day that is what really matters.
Article by - Schools Media Team

2017 A New Academic Year

We would like to take this opportunity to welcome back everyone to a new academic school year. The holidays has been good but we can excitedly add that we are more than happy to be back at school.
As approaching the corridors at school, one could smell the fresh scent of detergents, polished floors and an atmosphere filled with happiness. Learners were excited to be back and ready to take on the New Year. From sparkling new stationary, to clean pressed shirts, learners were nervous yet excited to find out who their new educators would be.
It was a hot summer’s day which happens to be our first day back but it did not deter us from persevering and learning about angles in Mathematics. It was amazing to be back and little did we know that we would be treated as the seniors of the school. Grade 7 the year in which I complete a chapter in my life.
Prefects were given their duties and learners automatically fell in line. There was total order at school and a teaching and learning atmosphere was well on the way.
We wish each and every one a wonderful year ahead and may we take on this year with nothing but determination.
Article by Yaseen Allie - Schools Media Team

Exciting Week For English

This past week the English visitors from Stoke City visited our school, namely: Stoke on Trent, Maple Court Academy and Stoke City Football club. The school hosted them for an entire week, in which they followed a programme to enhance holistic teaching and learning in the school.
It was a wonderful week of pure excitement with our international visitors. They were such a pleasure to have and host. They met with our teachers, they brought their college learners to interact with us in arts and sport activities. They also had a soccer coaching clinic with our learners. Teachers from Stoke City also came to experience teaching and learning at Talfalah.
Despite the scorching weather which they are not used to, the Stoke on Trent football club taught learners basic soccer skills. There had been a hype the entire week, learning new soccer skills, playing against each other and “hanging out” with the English. The Stoke on Trent students hosted an Arts and Crafts session with the grade 3’s in which they made masks, pasted, cut and stuck to define gross motor skills. They also took the grade 4 learners for sports and donated some goodies which stole our learners little hearts.
A link was formed with Maple court Academy in the United Kingdom, in the year 2016. The aim of this endeavour is to discuss best teaching and learning practices used in various schools. Three of their educators: Mr Knox, Mikayla and Samantha observed lessons and discussed ways to enhance teaching and learning. Learners went to the extent of singing the school song in which they were recorded and the visiting teachers thoroughly enjoyed this. Samantha said, “I love the song, I think we can teach it to our learners”, which made us feel proud to be part of the Talfalah team.
It was a pleasure having them with us for the week. We wish to see them soon.
Article by Schools Media Team

Grateful For Gift Of The Givers

Gift of the givers is a Non- governmental organisation which was established in 1992 by Dr Imtiaaz Sooliman. Their primary mission is to provide aid to impoverished areas globally as well as locally. They extend their care to schools they see fit to provide donations to.
Talfalah Primary would like to extend their gratitude to Gift of the givers for constantly donating stationary, non-perishable groceries and some sweet treats to the learners.
Talfalah is situated on the outskirts of Sherwood Park and on the Boundary of Phillipi. Many of our learners are from areas such as: Manenberg, Sherwood Park, Phillipi, Gugulethu and Brown’s farm. These learners come from so called under developed areas.
The school became a no fee paying school in 2014 as parents struggled to pay the minimum fee of R120. Ever since, learners are able to attend school without the worry of fees and a warm meal daily. Gift of the givers has been playing a pivotal role in providing aid to the school.
We would like to thank Gift of the givers for their kind donations, contributions, time and efforts through serving the school.
May the organisation grow from strength to strength.
Article by Aafia Abrahams - Schools Media Team

The Hands That Keep On Giving

The school was able to have a delightful Moulood Programme at the start of the academic year. People, organisations and the staff made this possible for the learners of Talfalah Primary. They received a warm pot of tasteful food in which learners were able to enjoy at school.
The moulood commemorates the birth of the last Prophet (PBUH) in the Islamic religion. As it holds great value in the faith of Islam, the school took upon the venture to celebrate the birth annually by feeding the less fortunate and seeking donations to make this venture possible.
We would like to thank each person who made any contribution to this annual event and allowed these learners to enjoy a warm cooked meal.
Algamduliela, Allah hu Akbar!
Article by Gairuneesa Albertyn - Schools Media Team

Growing Smartly

Talfalah Primary school would like to wish all their competitors well for the Finals, taking place Saturday 3rd September, at the V & A Waterfront. The learners progressed through to the finals in the following categories: Mathematics, Natural Sciences and lastly English (Creative Writing).
All the competitors clearly stated that they are excited for the final round and are well prepared to compete. They have been practising daily to enhance their confidence and compete with sheer conviction, speed and to the best of their abilities.
The Staff and learners are extremely proud of the learners and wish them everything of the best for Saturday. We would also like to take this opportunity to give thanks to their mentors for doing a spectacular job in preparing the learners for the competition.
The competitors for the categories are:
Natural Science- Yasseen Hendricks, Naseebah Arendse and Ayesha Faulkner.
Mathematics- Sikelelwa Ntokomfana, Yaseen Allie and Azraa Esau.
English Writing- Aafia Abrahams.
Article by Fareedah Jansen - Schools Media Team

Nail Biting Rugby Match

A nerve wrecking rugby match was played Wednesday 31st August at Surrey Rangers home ground. At the end, Talfalah Primary school were tops with a tight final score of 12-8.
The boys are unbeaten for this season and continues to persevere under the wing of their coaches, Mr Grever and Mr Petersen. They have been practicing twice a week to maintain their winning streak. It was a tight match as Surrey Primary had been leading throughout the game. During the first half the boys took a hard hit as they were trailing by 5 points to zero. Each time they received the ball they messed it up completely, causing their opponents to slip through each gaps. The forwards were all over the place and the boys weren’t playing as a team. As half time approached the coaches had a good chat with the boys reminding them of their potential and capabilities. Second half they managed to pull through and won the game.
They were over the moon as they did not expect the win and celebrated the victory.
Article by the Schools Media Team

The Sparkling New Lab

Talfalah Primary has recently refurbished there computer lab to enhance teaching and learning particularly in Mathematics.
To enhance learning grade 4 to 6 learners attends the lab twice a week. Mathematics are taught every alternate day in classrooms and thereafter learners are given the opportunity to engage with activities aligned with classroom teaching. Learners were interviewed and in a nut shell this is what most of them stated: “It is actually fun doing mathematics on the laptops, as we are not exposed to these resources on a daily basis”. There are about 25 laptops in the lab, which means two learners share a laptop and are able to assist each other where need be.
Each learner received a unique username to log in with. This is merely to keep record of activities being done by each individual. The Greenshoots initiative really works in our favour as it caters for learners on all intellectual levels. Going to the computer lab is having a positive effect on learners, because it has made learners enjoy doing mathematics, which they don’t really enjoy doing as it is challenging for some of them.
Although there had been placed excess stress on educators, the outcome of the Mathematics initiative is going to have a positive effect on the schools Mathematics results in the future.
Article by the Gairuneesa Albertyn - Schools Media Team

Off To The Finals Natural Science Growsmart

Well done to the Natural Science team for progressing to the finals. On Saturday 13th August, the Natural Science competed in the Semi Final round against 15 other schools. The competition was tough but Talfalah excelled.
The proceedings of this round was much more overwhelming as learners did not know they were presenting in front of an entire audience and the other 15 competitors.
One of the team members Yasseen Hendricks spoke to the audience with confidence. He once again explained to the audience as well as the judges what they designed and the Natural Science component thereof. Yasseen mentioned that he was extremely nervous but having his team members present with him made his task much easier.
Well done to all the schools that participated in the Natural Science Growsmart competition. We would like to congratulate the learners for their amazing performance and everything of the best for the final round, which is taking place at the V & A Waterfront on the 3rd September.
Article by the Schools Media Team

First Position All Round For Mathematics Growsmart Learners

Our Mathematics growsmart learners did exceptionally well in all the rounds of the growsmart competition. Ms Titus as well as the learners are over the moon with the performance of the learners. They trained day in and day out in preparation for all the rounds.
As the day approached which was Saturday 13 August, learners were nervous. They knew that all they had to do was perform to the best of their ability. The morning of the competition the learners and their mentors were off to the competition, had some breakfast which was catered for. Light treats were given to calm all competitors nerves and fill their bellies, before the commencing of the semi Final round.
The competition was tough but Talfalah won first position. Irshaad Ally (Four corners actor) was present at the competition and gladly embraced the learners hearing that they were from his home town Manenberg. This also gave Talfalah much more recognition as Ryan O Connor (KFM presenter) posted a photograph with the learners of Talfalah Primary.
After a nail biting round learners were ecstatic to hear that they progressed through to the final round which is taking place the 3rd September at the V & A Waterfront.
We would like to wish the learners as well as their mentors everything of the best for the final round.
Article by the Schools Media Team

The Sweet Taste Of Victory

The boys of Talfalah Primary school had been practicing twice a week to improve on strategies and to gear up and take on Habibia Primary school on Wednesday, 10 August at Vygieskraal sports ground. The coach Mr Grever trained the squad which consists of twenty boys who gave it their all to defeat Habibia Primary.
The team being led by Riley scored a whopping 47-5 defeat over Habibia Primary school. One of the key players and man of the match was Jihaad January who scored 5 incredible tries. His speed was tremendously surprising as many of the team players cheered him on during the match.
The rugby team as well as the coach was extremely satisfied with their win. Aslam was interviewed and clearly stated that he was proud of the boys and that he knows that they will only get better as a team. The win definitely gave the boys determination to attend practice and to do the school and the coach proud.
Article by the Schools Media Team

Mathematics Growsmart

The quarter finals of the Mathematics Growsmart competition took place at Parow High School on the 30th July 2016. Before the competition commenced we were offered biscuits and some warm beverages. This gave us the opportunity to converse with our opponents which allowed us to feel less anxious about the competition.
When they announced that the competition was about to begin I felt all sorts of emotions, namely nervousness and nausea. After the first round we were in the lead. This built our confidence and encouraged us to persevere.
During the second and third round we lagged behind a bit, but through determination and eagerness to win we answered with speed and this worked in our favour because at the end of both rounds we remained tops. All our supporters were extremely proud of us and told us that it was a nail biting experience.
At the end of the competition we took our competitors hands, had a light meal and headed home. Our school is through to the Semi Finals which would take place Saturday 13th August. Our main aim is to work hard in order for us to learn, have fun and win the mathematics competition.
Article by Yaseen Allie

A Night At The Movies With Talfalah Primary School

After a long, hard and thorough practice, Talfalah Primary hosted a concert at Athlone civic Centre on the 5th August 2016. The theme of the concert was a Night at the movies in which various movies had been re-enacted. The civic was packed to capacity filled with excited mothers, fathers, grandparents and siblings ready to enjoy musical scenes.
As upon entering the hall one could hear the buzz of noise, room filled with delightful aromas of foods and music blasting as learners were performing. The foundation phase learners performed to scenes from Lion king, Madagascar, Despicable Me, The Sound of music and Frozen. These learners expressed their happiness while being on stage by dancing and waving to the parents constantly. There were also some exhilarating acts from the Intermediate- Senior phase which had dancing with the performances. These acts included High School musical, Rio, Grease lightning and Pitch Perfect.
Learners enjoyed their night as they were interviewed backstage where the rehearsals and dressing were taking place. Gairuneesa a grade 6 learner said that this was the best night of her life and she could not wait to perform on stage.
The concert was a huge success and everyone present thoroughly enjoyed there night. So on behalf of Talfalah Primary School we would like to thank each and every one who made this night possible, especially the talented Limited edition who livened the stage even more as well as Mr Brown for acting as the Master of ceremonies.
Article by Grade 6 Media Team

Iftaar Evening At Talfalah Primary School

On Wednesday the 15 of June 2016, Talfalah primary hosted their annual iftaar programme. This programme was organised by Mrs Adams and Mrs Salie with the help of all the staff members.
Mr Jalal prepared the delicious akhni, the ladies in the kitchen made a big pot of lovely soup and the teachers prepared all then yummy and delightful treats such as samosas, half moons, cupcakes, pizzas and pies.
The iftaar programme is mainly to bring the muslim learners, their families and the community together to break fasts. Everyone that came enjoyed the food and the company.
The food that was distributed to everyone was all donations made by people who care for our school and the community. We would like to say a special thank you to all those who supported the event as it was a success –May you be richly rewarded, In sha-Allah Ameen!
Article by Aafia Abrahams, Ilhaam Du Preez and Yaseen Allie

Talfalah Educators Participate In The KFM General Knowledge Competition

Two of Talfalah Primary School educators, Mrs Stevens and Ms Sauls participated in the GK elite competition. The GK competition is basically about testing ones general knowledge. It took place on the 3 June 2016.
The quiz master was Ryan O’Connor, a KFM radio DJ. They competed against each other and the winner received a R500 in cash. Mrs Stevens won it by 1 point despite this Ms Sauls was not disappointed.
Before they competed against each other, they were both very nervous and anxious but both answered the question well. They listened to the competition every morning and they thought that it would be fun, exciting and challenging to enter. Both educators also encouraged other people to enter the GK competition and said that it is fun, it is easy money and it is a nice way to test your general knowledge.
Article by Raul Everts (6B), Gairuneesa Albertyn(6A) and Mishkah Cassiem(6A)

Growsmart Writing Competition

Aafia Abrahams, a Grade 6 learner at Talfalah Primary school participated in the Growsmart writing competition. She was selected as one of the top 20.
Her story was about a girl who lost her ring. She phoned her best friend Kate and headed into the forest. They met a friendly witch in a haunted house and a handsome stranger in a cave. Kate eventually got her ring back and received a R90 000 as a reward for catching a thief.
At first Aafia was nervous because she had to compete against 200 learners from different schools. She said that it was exciting and a privilege to be in the top 20. Aafia Abrahams is currently in grade 6D and is working hard to achieve her goals. Her parents, educators, principal and many learners are extremely proud of her. Her story will be published in the Growsmart book of 2016.
Aafia said that she would like to become an author one day. She would like to write a story about a millionaire. Talfalah Primary is proud of her achievement. Well done Aafia!
Article by Rahma Tofiki (6C), Fareedah Jansen (6A), Azraa Esau (6C)

Growsmart Science Competition

Talfalah Primary School made it to the semi-finals of the Natural Science Growsmart.
The learners of Talfalah Primary School took part in the Natural Science Growsmart Competition. The learners who participated were Ayesha Faulkner (12), Marvellous Kadonha (12), Naseebah Arendse (11) and Yaaseen Hendricks (11). At 12:30 pm on the 28th May 2016 the group gathered at Talfalah Primary School with Mr N. Petersen, Mrs L. Hendricks and Ms F. Hendricks. These teachers accompanied the team to the competition at Parow High School. We competed against Parkfields Primary School.
The team created a solar cooker, which is also known as a sun stove. The presentation was brilliantly done by the team. We also had a solar pizza maker, as well as a solar water cooker. The judges were really impressed with our project.
We received certificates for this achievement. The group members as well as the teachers were ecstatic about winning the first round of the competition. We, as a team, are looking forward to the next round.
Article by Yaaseen Hendricks

C-Class Champions Hard Work Always Pays Off

On May 26 an exciting event took place at Talfalah Primary School in Manenberg: the annual inter-class handball tournament An interview with the victorious grade six team revealed that they were all nervous at first but having a motivated, well-trained team enabled them to come out tops.” I think it was the whole class who encouraged us”, said the captain, Aslam. Aslam, together with Zubair and Tashwill, were identified by their teacher as being some of the team’s star players.
Sharni, who had participated in a similar tournament last year, said she had worked hard and was ecstatic at the outcome Their well-deserved win they further attributed to long hours of training. Who says, though, you cannot mix work and fun? The players agreed that they had loads of that. In recognition of their achievements the elated winners received badges. Their bookmarks, we know, will come in handy when they burn the midnight oil in preparation for the June exams!
Seventh graders also participated in the tournament. Grade 7c won their first opponents, who showed great fighting spirit, 3-2.Their final winning score was 2-1. These young champions believe that staying positive and working as a team on and off the field helped them secure victory. Having Hassan Ahamad as goalkeeper certainly helped! Getting a ball past him was like running into a brick wall. Nosiphiwo, who was the defender, said she could see how proud and relieved their teacher, was when she heard her class had won. An inspiring performance indeed! To all aspiring champions, remember; practise is mother to perfection.

Growsmart Mathematics Competition

The Mathematics Growsmart competition took place at Tygerberg High school on the 28th May 2016. Our team mates were Azraa Esau, Sikelelwa Ntlokomfana and Yaseen Allie.
Before the competition began we took advantage of the free hot chocolate and snacks. This started our day off on a good note as it made our tummies smile. While our nerves took a hold of us, we decided to chat with our fellow friendly competitors.
In the competition room we had to introduce ourselves to everyone, this calmed our nerves a bit. Then the competition began. There were three rounds of 10 questions each. We answered the questions as quickly and as accurately as we could. Even though we did not manage to answer all the questions correctly, we remained at the top of the score board of each round.
We finished the competition at First place with a whopping 21 points. This means we made it to the second round of the competition.
We are proud of ourselves and of each other for our achievement thus far. We worked very hard by practicing Mathematics daily with Ms Titus. When the competition ended, we felt overwhelmed with joy, as we received our winning certificates.
While talking to one another, we realised that when you put your heart into something you really want, you can achieve great things!

Growsmart English Competition

The annual hype has yet again dawned upon schools across the Western Cape. The Growsmart competition is a manner in which various skills are discovered among young leaders. The competition consists of various categories such as spelling, creative writing, Mathematics and Natural Science
Saturday 14th May 2016 the first round of the Growsmart competition commenced in which Talfalah Primary, Woodlands Primary and Welcome Primary competed. It was challenging as learners approached the competition with sheer desire to win. Talfalah Primary prepared day in and day out but was defeated by their opponents. Approaching the first round of the competition. Talfalah excelled and confidence shone through from all three participants. Zubair was quick with answering Mathematics equations, Jade and Rahma both managed to spell correctly which placed Talfalah second after the first round. This was followed by the nail – biting buzzer round, but unfortunately Woodlands Primary had faster fingers. I interviewed Jade and she clearly said that she felt downhearted as they lost, however, she also mentioned how honoured she felt to have participated in the Growsmart spelling competition.
The following week learners from Talfalah Primary School also handed in creative writing pieces as part of Growsmart Writing competition. Aafia, Noor and Raul wrote exhilarating stories and are anxiously awaiting outcome of their stories.
Participants from all four categories at Talfalah Primary are making it their aim to encourage learners to stay focused, and strive to be part of this uplifting and empowering competition.

Tight Rugby Match at Vygieskraal

Tight rugby match at Vygieskraal Talfalah Primary won a remarkable victory against Habibia Primary with a score of 14 - 10.The under - 13 team played well and hard to score those 14 points. The teams had a few injuries but there was a paramedic, so there was no need to worry. It was an enjoyable day and that also lifted their spirits.
Mr Grever, the coach of the team, said, “I was very confident before the match because I knew what they were capable of. I will always be proud, even if they lose. We were not intimidated by Habibia and proof of that was the beautiful game our kids played. The team is very happy with their win and hopefully will have a lot more wins.” The Talfalah Media sports team.
Article by Yaseen Allie and Raul Everts

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